TMG-C Décor



The focus of The Medve Group’s growth strategy often goes against market trends. Our success has come from seeking niches offering higher margins and sustainable cash flow. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, this strategy had significant success in the Texas and Louisiana markets, allowing us to double our portfolio by purchasing significantly undervalued properties. In the 2000s, our strategy continues as we look to purchase undervalued B properties in well-placed locations. We carefully choose properties that, through minimum investment and our experienced and unique management, we will be re-positioned to a level that will comfortably compete with A, A-, and B+ properties. We have implemented this strategy via our Home Décor Program, which has proven to be both successful and cost-effective. This has given our communities a significant competitive advantage. The number of items included in the Home Décor Program continue to increase, which will give us an additional competitive advantage and further widen the gap between our properties and our competition.

Additionally, the ability to respond quickly to acquisition opportunities has contributed largely to our growth. The Medve Group is one of a small number of owner-operators who, through years of first-hand experience, developed the knowledge and expertise to successfully pursue acquisitions on a national basis. Paramount to the strategy is the experienced due diligence team and the company’s liquidity, which together enable quick closings and a short contingency period. The Medve Group has earned the reputation of being able to react quickly and deliver on commitments. 

The Medve Group moved into its new headquarters in Las Colinas, TX in 2010. The company maintains a satellite office in St. Louis, MO. Moving the corporate office to Texas strategically positions the company closer to the markets in which it operates and makes the company more accessible to markets with potential for the future.

In the end, our most important growth strategy is our discipline. We have strict criteria for our investments and are willing to wait for opportunities that meet our strict criteria. This disciplined approach does not allow for “growth for growth’s sake,” but does give The Medve Group the resources and liquidity to make large acquisitions in the sub-markets in which we want to operate. Another of our important growth strategies is our investment in employee development. We constantly strive to find the best and brightest in our industry. We are very proud of the teams that we have assembled and they have been critical to our success. We continue to develop a strong executive-management team, maintain low personnel turnover, and form committed teams of experienced managers who will enjoy longevity with the company. This will allow us to continue maximizing opportunities offered by each community in our portfolio.

The Medve Group’s future growth will come primarily through the acquisition of existing properties offering upside potential within a short period of time (1-3 years) that meet primary investment criteria (good locations, diverse geographical areas, high margin opportunities with sustainable cash flows, etc.). Finally, we will pursue limited development of new properties on a highly selective basis. In order to remain consistent with our measured risk/growth strategy, our objective is to stay within the multifamily housing industry with limited exposure to other areas.