TMG-C Décor



VIMA Decor started as a function of The Medve Group as a way to add value to acquisitions of significantly undervalued properties.  It was discovered we could effectively refurbish these properties by developing our own line of higher quality finish-out in a market-driven way. This increased profit margins across the board by transforming Class-C units to Class-A for the price of an average Class-C rehab. After five years of product development, VIMA Décor Ltd. was established to offer these products to other commercial property owners, builders, and developers.

  • July, 2003 - Began sourcing & developing products for interior finish outs, including cabinets, granite, doors, lighting, mirrors, & plumbing fixtures.

  • January, 2004 - 1st run of products shipped and delivered through third party vendor.

  • March, 2004 - First multi-housing project successfully completed using 1st run products. March, 2004-August, 2006 - Further product development & testing to ensure continual quality control in product standards.

  • March, 2004-August, 2006 - Completed orders for 11 multi-housing rehabs projects in 5 states.

  • August, 2006 - VIMA Decor was established to provide the new product line to other commercial property owners, builders and developers.

  • September, 2006-Present - VIMA Decor has successfully delivered over 150 containers of products for over 30 projects, including multi-family rehabs, condo conversions, and new constriction projects.

  • In 2007, VIMA successfully sourced and delivered over $3,000,000 in materials to locations throughout the US.  With apparent results in capital gains and increased rental income, VIMA continues to grow.

  • April 2010 - No outstanding payables or receivables.

  • In May 2010 VIMA Decor USA moved to a new 118,000 sq ft warehouse in prestigious Las Colinas in Irving, Texas and more than doubling their inventory capacity.

  • VIMA Decor USA continues to grow, expanding their product lines to focus on new and innovative solutions for multifamily renovations.