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Requesting and receiving items from the warehouse

The property auto-generates a warehouse PO. After the PO generates, they double check to make sure it is accurate and to cross-check with the Inventory Count Report that is sent monthly.

Once the order is approved by property, it moves to the status of "FIELD OK." At this point a property can no longer edit the order themselves.

Once the order is reviewed by the warehouse manager, he/she will approve the order and it moves to the status of "PO ORDERED." At this point the PO is given to the warehouse assistant to make a sales order. If there is something on the order that is out of stock or low on, he/she will determine if there is a comparable product that can be sent and make any changes. He/she will then send an email to the property manager and let him/her know about any changes/substitutions.

When the sales order is completed by the warehouse assistant, it is given to the warehouse staff to pull the order. After the order is pulled, it is double checked by the warehouse manager and then palletized and loaded onto the truck. The driver will then deliver it to the property. He/she will have a responsible party sign the bill of lading(s). He/she will leave one copy with the property and take the other copy back to the warehouse. Once the driver gives the signed bill of lading(s) to the warehouse assistant, he/she will verify that the invoice and PO match, put the order in shipment confirmed and email the invoice to the property manager. With the bill of lading they will also receive a packing list. After the order is put into shipment confirmed, the property receives the order in Medventory. Once the invoice is received via email, the property manager prints it out and sends invoice to Accounts Payable.